February 18th, 2018

How Many People Know ...

 ... the Early Church for almost 4 CENTURIES understood from Revelation that an impending Catastrophe upon ALL of Europe was predicted by John's Apocalypse!! 
How did  Early Christians prepare themselves? (See # 1, 2, 3 in the series!). Do you know what happened showing they were right?

When Islam raced across the Middle East and North Africa, European and Byzantine Christians had long been teaching that what became known to them as Islam was predicted - not just once - but three times in Revelation as a terror to the Western Civilization. In fact, the Byzantine Roman Emperor believed that very thing and fled leaving his army behind... BECAUSE Revelation foretold the rise and success of Islam!  Is Islam playing a global “game” of “all or nothing” with the West and your future? If so, this is the THIRD TIME and Revelation predicted it! (See Books #8 & #16 in the series).

Millions of so- called “Untouchables” – Hinduism’s lowest caste – are coming to Christ today in India. This same kind of phenomenon is occurring inside China, Africa and  the Middle East. Did you know Revelation predicted massive "conversions" worldwide for the "Last Days?"

Did Revelation predict the challenges to Western Civilization by the "Kings of the East" - China, Russia, Japan, Islam?  If God foretold such threats, He did so to warn us. Those threats are now known to include dirty bombs, Chinese challenges to world currency markets, Russian revolutionary Marxism, and Islamic jihad against the West with Muslim social and legal activism in Europe and  America.

This "Everything Revelation" Archived Set Offer explains Revelation and its Use over the past 2000 years. Remarkably fulfilled events explained clearly for easy access!

Terrorism How are            Christians to Understand the            prophecies of Revelation...How            do those precidtions impact our            lives? How to Today's events            merge with that Book's            predictions?

For centuries the Book of Revelation has helped generations to to unlock the mysteries of the times they face. Now YOU can uncover the powerful, hope inspiring lessons for TODAY!

This powerful Set "unconfuses" the prophetic chaos so rampant in the churches...  Replace the chaos with the true histories fulfilled throughout history. Read how God advances His Church... defending it from attack while spreading the Gospel throughout the known world! Read it... It's all here! See for yourself!

You can start almost anywhere in the Set ... learning what God has in store for us... and protect you and your family from scams, harmful "prophecyings", and chaotic teaching! 
Another piece to Revelation's Puzzle What            commentaries never did before            now, was use Real life Stories            and Events...to explain the            mysteries of the Book of            Revelation. To explain its            amazing predictions and its hope            anchoring Predictions!
Tragically, people today LIVE IN FEAR. Doesn’t it make sense God would Reveal His Will for Times like these... To comfort His people... and ALL who believe in His Goodness? We think so... So, we did something about it!

We brought you this powerfully researched, all- encompassing (virtually a  Library!) Set on the ONE Book Designed by God to Teach and Warn the Church throughout all of it existence.

But You may be asking,
isn't this just another
commentary? Absolutely NOT

  • We've "nick-named" this Set the "Everything Revelation Library".

  • It covers hundreds of histories about the Book of Revelation. Here you will find kings who reigned … parliaments that decreed… and plagues that decimated nations … all histories foretold by this Book of books!

Here you will also find what REAL people did with this Book…and How they were “moved” by its amazingly accurate record… and often protected by God’s warnings given ahead of time!


You will find here all
            the true stories of heroes,
            Villains, Scoundrels fulfilling
            revelation ...even the Demonic
Here you learn about the FIRST Islamic clash with Western Christianity! Abu Bekr and possibly Mohammed himself... believed their Islamic empire building was guaranteed by the Book of Revelation (They were right! But, not in the way they believed).
Here you will find that Att ila the Hun was named the “Scourge of God” because of Revelation’s popularly known prophecies? He thought so!

Here you will learn the identity of the mysterious “Antipas” (Rev. 2:13) – you will be stunned to learn WHY the Early Church didn’t know his real identity!

Here you will learn about Revelation&rsquo ;s predictions of the great missionary work of the Modern era. You will see how great individuals such as David Livingstone, Adoniram Judson, Eric Little, and Captain John Birch all lived in anticipated fulfillment of the time when the Gospel would go to the ends of the Earth!

Here you will see for yourself the faithful Waldenses during the Middle Ages (from 1100 - 1600 A.D.) a community of Christian people terribly persecuted who found protection in the Alps … and HOW they knew a GREAT – MASSIVE – WORLDWIDE explosion of the Gospel was yet to come in the centuries ahead of them! They consciously worked toward its fulfillment!

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...From the Pews

The Bible tells us, “A word ‘fitly’ spoken is like ornaments of gold in picture frames of silver. So, I feel like a rich man! I am deeply impressed by scope of the detailed knowledge in the presentation of the histories and prophecies to those histories as fulfilled by Revelation… with more on the way in our generation! Equally impressive are the many helps this Set has given me. And having have read through ALL of the books in the Set twice now, I feel encouraged and refreshed by my renewed understanding of the great “breath” of God’s powerful Word! This Set is both insightful and practical. They are encouraging for anyone who desires an unconfused and exciting ride through the pages of history … and Scripture! Knowing such principles has increased the strength of my walk with the Lord… and the ability to share detailed, intelligent, God honoring expertise with others.

This tremendous Set, complete with so many audios, is a library of strategic as well as vital information. Adding to the Set are the embedded audios and specialized articles (made easy to read!) in thought- provoking areas of life. All of this gives me a tremendous advantage in understanding the “news” while understanding life’s “needs”! The information is amazingly accessible to anyone… and you can start practically anywhere in the Set! The stories, the little-known background histories… the potent events in the lives of real people, hundreds of them! There’s so much here, it’s like backing up a U- haul truck and filling it with a library full of biblical, historical, prophetic, scientific, economic, biographical, even entrepreneurial understanding… all are relevant and extremely helpful!

As a former pastor, chaplain and missionary (over 40 years of ministry), I can tell you this Set is designed to help ministries, as well as individuals and families. Greek word studies specifically drawn from Revelation; historical studies helping us to get our current moorings, the phenomenal insights into all of those mysterious and controversial “numbers” in Revelation… and so much more… all at this price, is unbelievable.

Whether it’s bringing me personal comfort, discernment and information … or expanding outreach for ministry, this Set is unbeatable. There is so much value for the level- headed price, it is just too good to be true. I cannot imagine it being “bested” anytime in the near future. In other word, THIS SET will stand out and SET the standard for decades to come. Thank you my friend.

-David Paul

Pastor, chaplain, former missionary business owner, author

Stoughton, Wisconsin  

playing it by the
numbers...The Book of Revelation
has mystified generations with
its numbers. Infamous
"666" World Threat of
"three frogs"...
144,000, the 7 Spirits of God,
the 7 churches, the 1000
years...the three woes ( 3
Risings of Isalm) ...the
terrifying 7 vials... The
mysterious 7 seals with 4
horsement of the
apocalypse..many many more.
These Controversial
"Numbers" are key to
the histories to be fulfilled!

The use of “numbers’ throughout Revelation has been one of the greatest mysteries for Christians to figure. Numbers are used to paint powerful pictures of the Lord’s work in history is one of the most fascinating issues surrounding the use of this Book…


  • Can it be proved that the frightening “3 Woes” of Revelation ARE the 3 PREDICTED assaults of Islam against Christianity... and we are NOW in the Third of those “Woes”?


  • Where does “666” FIRST show up historically... and what does it have to do with US today? (IT HAS shown up before… Will it AGAIN? - We think so!)


  • Who … or what was/is the 10-Crowned Beast out of the Abyss? Has there been 10 “Superdynastic” powers that waged war against the Christian faith – and STILL are waging war worldwide against Christianity?


  • Revelation tells us there are 3 “FROGS” that will cover the whole earth… reminding us of the plague of Frogs that covered Egypt in the Book of Exodus. Can you name ALL THREE today! (This Set will show you their IDENTITY!)

Here you will see the Hand of God working in the lives of REAL PEOPLE who believed Revelation’s predictions and acted upon them... saving their lives!

Here you will witness those who were DEEPLY affected by the events descending upon them… and how God delivered them from the great trials they faced!

History, True Stories,
Great people and events that
shock our world....but this is a
commentary on revelatiion? The
Answer? of course it is! But it
is obviously much more than
that! Stories? Yes Heroes
Triumphing in faith over the
evils predicted in Revelation
…From the Pews

As a Heart and Thoracic Surgeon, I know what it means to be able to give people hope. Believe me, when people are in the midst of heart trauma, sometimes the only person they see before they face life-threatening surgery was me… and an encouraging word was the desperate need of the moment. I also know what it means to find people fearful, despairing and hopeless. That is been the scientific and medical world in which I labored for decades.

As a Christian and former church officer, I know what it means to minister to the “hearts” of men and women with BOTH a comforting and yet, profoundly deep need in the soul for satisfaction. In today’s world, people are fearful… anxious… despairing of an intelligent and satisfying depth of help and insight. So many people have given up the hope that God could possibly be present for this generation to call upon!

For years I have waited to find a commentary that does justice to Revelation’s historically predictive and ASSURING power. Revelation, being inspired by God, and has always “been there” to warn and comfort Christians in every age of the Church. The beauty of this Set on Revelation is that it brings to forefront so much encouragement coupled with discernment… and IS scholarly (which I appreciate as a surgeon) while feeding the need for down-to- earth counsel and Christian care. This astonishing treatment and in-depth study of Revelation and the events surrounding its prophetic fulfillments goes far beyond my expectations. I am thankful for its scope and reach... into the soul.

- Dr. Robert Gamble Heart and Thoracic Surgeon, Former church officer and missionary
Chicago, Illinois

Of course, this series gives you the original Greek meanings of John’s New Testament writing. But it goes way beyond the bare meanings! This series gives you the stories, events, real life narratives… Individuals who fulfilled the Book’s predictions… and MANY others who were directly related to their histories fulfilled!

Here you will read the amazing stories surrounding Revelation’s 2000 years of predicted fulfillments
Here you will live in Tertullian’s world... the world of the Early Church and how THEY believed Revelation predicted the Fall of Rome AND the massive “Flood” of barbarians who swept Europe AS THE EARLY CHURCH believed and taught for four centuries BEFORE it occurred.

Here you will see the great judgments sent by God to protect His people and … those judgments now being sent to humble a persecuting and mocking world system... predicted 2000 years ago... but accurate as today’s news!

Here you will find the great outpouring of the Lord’s grace and power in calling ALL nations to His Son... Yet, the trials and sacrifices of great men and women show us the TRIUMPH of faith and Love to a lost world!
Here you will take a “front seat” as the vast panorama of events of over 2000 years of predicted history sweeps all before it, giving you a breathtaking view of history we know YOU NEVER HEARD ABOUT IN SCHOOL!

From the Pews…

Having reviewed the scope of this Set and what it offers, I am amazed at the many insights that I have gleaned thus far. I am looking forward to studying the valuable information in this extensively developed Set. To be frank, I was skeptical because “prophecy” can be so easily abused, and in the many decades of my Christian walk with the Lord, I have heard it all. But, the more I used this material, the more I enjoyed it. Great job… thus far!

- Glenn Dohrmann Retired businessman, former Church elder

Read the following "true to life" facts...see how the book of revelation has given Christians the most amazing advanced "warning system" in History. For 2000 years Revelation has comforted and Warned God's People


Throughout the centuries since John wrote the Book of Revelation, many  friends... and enemies... of the Church looked ahead to things this Inspired Book foretold about them or the events of their times...

The Christian Church and the Roman Empire were locked in mortal "moral combat" for the heart of civilization, yet Christians, from the Book of Revelation, had advance knowledge that God had chosen Rome to be the PROTECTION for the preservation of Church of Christ against some future, terrible "shock" upon civilization. 

Tertullian, the fiery 2nd century church leader, speaks of it as a common practice for Christians to believe in this coming "shock"  which only the Roman Empire could delay.

But HOW could Christians arrive at such a shockingly POWERFUL belief, a belief that would turn to fact in the hands of such adroit Roman Generals as Stilicho and Aetius? (You might not know who they are... but you WILL!)

Revelation offers us an advanced warning from the most controversial book in history.

There are Three Predicted Risings of Islam Three Woes of Revelation! We are"in" the Third of those three Risings




The "Three Woes" of Revelation... predicted the three great "risings" of Islamic power and empire-building against Christianity and Western Civilization in history.

Mohammed’s generals believed they were “predicted” by Revelation to raise up an empire. Their view of Revelation was learned from 7th century Syrian and Arab Christians who (correctly!) foretold their successful expansion!

Revelation foretold the FIRST expansion of Islam would last exactly 150 years ... and then it would suddenly stop... and that is precisely what happened. An exhausted Islam stopped its expansion 150 years as predicted!




Revelation gave clear "historical markers" to point to events being fulfilled. One Byzantine Emperor fled at the approach of Islam. He believed what Revelation taught of Islam’s predicted successes! (Can you name him?)

Revelation foretold there would be the Second Expansion (the Second Woe!) of Islam several centuries later...one that would last much longer than the first Islamic "Woe"!.
The Second Expansion of militant Islam would shatter what was left of the Byzantine Empire. Collisions with Asian hordes in massive battles with a quarter million deaths was “usual”. 

Revelation even describes the Arab horsemen, their tactical "sting" with the death and destruction they would bring to Europe and the Middle East.

Parts of Europe would be overwhelmed for several centuries and then Islamic conquests would fade, waiting for the Third Great Islamic Expansion, which we face TODAY!

These are just a few of the great movements found in John's Revelation. By giving us Historical markers, John's Revelation Foretold historic events...describing them long before they "arrived"

They are ALL captured in detail in this powerfully compelling, yet easy to read, series of concise downloadable books.

These books (more like booklets) are made for an easy read as they take you through the histories foretold over the last 2000 years by the Book of Revelation.

Here you will find the details "filled in" for you so you can see the whole panorama of history ...stories of men, nations, movements, battles, plagues...  and the Church of Jesus Christ through it all.

Here you will find true stories, dramatically detailed events, and a host of powerful histories...

Here you will find how the MASSSIVE "flood" of barbarians was anticipated by Revelation... Jerome, Augustine, and Tertullian (and others) all wrote about the coming of swarms of barbarian invaders... as they understood it from Revelation!

How Attila the Hun's nickname "The Scourge of God" given him by Christians, may actually have come from their understanding of Revelation... And Attila was delighted by the very idea that he was "foretold" by God.

How the Roman Empire was predicted to fall... but something MUCH MORE DEADLY would rise in its place!

How the horrors of over 1000 years of Middle and Dark Age were described by Revelation and how these horrors laid the foundations for the rise of modern tyrannies!

How the Great Protestant Reformation was anticipated  ...and the expansion of the missionary impulse of the Great Commission would spread throughout the world.

How John Knox, Martin Luther and John Calvin KNEW they were not living in the "last era of time" because they wrote that much of Revelation was YET TO BE FULFILLED!

There is more here than you can imagine! And this is just the beginning of what you get!

Maybe you're thinking...what about today? Does Revelation give us "insignts" about the modern world? No Surprises Here...Revelation "saw" our Modern World. See if God really did warn and comfort our generation.

Revelation predicted...
Globalism and its drive to destroy the national sovereignties and freedoms of nations, redistribute wealth on the most massive scale in history, while plundering the masses all over the world!

Aerial destructions of many types, natural and manmade, cratering civilization like gigantic hailstones upon civilization, was foretold...

The great expansion of the Gospel throughout the earth, beginning about 500 years ago still continues today!

Revelation foretold the amazing Darkness that would shroud Western Civilization...not a physical darkness, but an atheizing AND occult darkness, capturing western societies over the last 100 years... and spreading throughout the world!

But wait... here's more of what you get! The set gives you access to hundreds of histories, science and Biblical Topics in Articles and Audios that come with the series...and you choose any of them anytime you are interested in them.

With each written book in the Series, you gain access to dozens of lessons, histories, Biblical and historical (even some scientific) research...  offered at NO EXTRA COST to you!  There you will find so many extras ...valued at about $700 - free and easily accessible for your use whenever you want it!.
Think of it!  Because you purchased the Series ... you get hundreds of FREE audios, articles, downloadable books and publications - truly, a LIBRARY full of "Revelation's  hotspots and fufillments" in history!  Different types of access  ... different kinds of presentations for your use ... 100s of different subjects in audio and written formats. All are simple to use: Just click and use!!

Who wouldn’t want to have the entire BONUS audio sets providing the following ...

...  key issues in controversial subjects, apologetics, education, United States history, biographies, world events, Biblical (free market) economics...

...thousands of subjects addressed... from Scripture... and all accessible to you as free gifts for you to access 24/7 when you take advantage of this limited time offer.

There are other exclusive offers for your purchase .... and they are not offered to the general public...Only those who come to this offer and decide they want them can get them as offered! Some of the most unusual products ever offered...Many of which you cannot find anywhere on the Internet (because our research teams developed them!). 

  In this offer, you can find ...

The astounding research in marine archaeology that has demonstrated the existence of ruins of civilizations, now found  at the bottom of the oceans of the world!  With ruins of human civilization at the 1900 foot "below the ocean surface" level just off the coast of Cuba, what epic Judgment of God do you think has been discovered here? How about the ruins in over a hundred other places around the world? Could these discoveries FINALLY TEACH a reluctant world about the Truth of the Noahic Flood? (New findings suggest MANY MORE RUINS!) 


…From the Pews

 I just got my Set. It’s a lot more than I even bargained on receiving. I am thrilled with the encouragement, depth of insight, and profound help it offers. It is quite an extensive “library” of insights on Revelation... Its grace, assurance, and faith-building effect upon my life I’m sure will be deeply appreciated for years to come.

-    Lynn Cross, Christian mother, Office manager                                Fredericksburg, Virginia

   …From the Pews

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for teaching me so many issues I never knew existed. The world of Revelation is fascinating to begin with. But, to have access to so much more that explains the details, stories, Greek words, historical events, and impact on people’s lives  is spectacular. Thank you! Now, I have some idea what it means to have the kind of “prophetic hope” that sounds biblical and is realistic… and not “defeatist” in its message. I have never appreciated any message that “means well” but doesn’t help me apply my responsibilities to my family, my church and society around me. Revelation IS a real encouragement but plunging its inspired depths… well,  I wouldn’t have attempted to just try it on my own. This has given me a real “heads up” on how powerful God’s prophetic Word has been ALL THROUGHOUT HISTORY…as well as powerful assurances it gives the heart in understanding the world around us.

-    Bob Gamble, Engineer, Inventor, Church officer -  Watertown, Wisconsin

The clear evidence from Egypt and surrounding regions showing the devastation of the judgments of God recorded in the Book of Exodus.

Dozens of scholarly, biblically research articles, audios, and books addressing  great issues most often left unaddressed ....or poorly so... in pulpits and other Christian publications.  You will have the opportunity to browse through those works, articles, publications, rare books... to chose the ones which stir your interest.

...And many, many others sets and books offered nowhere else!

From the Pews...

Over the many years  of my Christian walk, I have heard all kinds of teaching on Revelation. Much of it was good. Some not.  But, I do appreciate the tremendous value this easy to use approach  to Revelation brings to my life. And I appreciate both audio and written presentations, depending upon the time and circumstances I face at the moment. Since I have access to both… all the better.  This Set speaks to my heart. I have enjoyed the help it gives me in my daily walk…by far the most important issue any Christian could receive. Thank you so much.  
Nancy Jo Baratti
Independent Christian Business Owner
 It's all here! A Whole Series of historically fulfilled prophecies from the Book of Revelation..Including a crucial understanding of current affairs as well! The set contains many differnt books, designed for easy reading!

There are many different books - easily read, designed for your understanding and complete with dozens of EXTRA histories, stories of real people, events... all accessible to you as you choose which fulfilled histories and biblical "helps" interest you!

Here are the hundreds of topics .... useful for your own personal needs, Bible studies, ministry, historical interest and use!

YOU WILL SURPRISE your friends with YOUR answers, insights and teaching.  You get FAR MORE than what is given in Revelation itself (NOT TO MENTION the sheer excitement of being drawn  into the highlights of the era Revelation is addressing).

Wait –
Don’t forget the Bonuses that “solve” the “mystery” we are offering you!

…From the Pews

You know... when you finally find answers to complicated issues... and the Book of Revelation has plenty of “mysteries” to solve... it really is satisfying to finally sit back (after three decades of wondering!) and say to yourself “This works!” In trying to understand the message in Revelation, I have read trough the book more times than any other book of the bible.  This Set offers so much more than the proverbial “going the extra mile” that I feel “gorged”… and I look forward to the possibility of many heartfelt evenings of sheer enjoyment for myself and my family... not to mention the tremendous leverage it gives me in ministering to others. Thank you!

Joseph Merkel                                                          Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  Before you continue, Read this. We're betting youve never even heard of any offer like this one! There are Seven Different Types of Bonuses

You Get All of This in the Commentary Set on the Book of Revelation*:

      *Cover style and colors of each book may vary from time to time.

There are two things I appreciate about this approach to the Book of Revelation. The first is this: It just makes sense that God would give us direction and encouragement for the times in which we live!  I have waited a long time for an in-depth, intelligent… and, as it happens, a fascinating look at Revelation. The approach taken by this Set on Revelation makes sense of history! It is NOT that God just brings His prophetic power to us in the “last days.” What is clear is that Revelation has addressed the last 2000 years of history! That gives us the assurance and hope in seeing God’s March in the earth. We need to see such past fulfillment of events through the eyes of those who, like us, needed the anchoring of God’s powerful Presence in their lives at those times in history.  That fact alone encourages me that He has always been ahead of the schemes of men and nations… and such schemes are doomed to failure.

Being that I just don’t have large chunks of time on my hands, I appreciate the fact that what’s available is easy to use… and in the vast, almost unbelievable,  resources that come with this Set, I can start wherever my interest takes me at the moment.  Thank you for the Set. It is needed for the times we face! 

Daniel Paape  Software Engineer (former) Church Elder

Audio history and lessons ( over 400 of them!)  They covere an immense range of issues swarming around the content of the Book of Revelation! An 800 dollar value.

Here is the FIRST “installment” of our “Mystery in the Offer” for YOU:

In each of the books of this Set there are links to audio lessons which you can choose at any time to access. You may click each available audio1 that you find lin
ked WITHIN the book you are using.

As you leaf through the book you will see blue links like this one. If you enjoy the subject, click on it … and listen to the audio or video lesson.

Example: In book 3 of the series you will find this example:

Historical Marker: Ye shall have tribulation ten days…

“Fear none of those things which thou shalt suffer: behold, the devil shall cast sofme of you into prison, that ye may be tried; and ye shall have tribulation ten days; be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life…”

There are over 400 of these audios. You can choose to listen to listen (or not!) to any single one as it brings you further insight and powerfully explained lessons, events and “helps” related to something in Revelation or prophecy, history, science … and many other fascinating topics.

You can't imagine how excited I am to be able to get my hands onto this work and share it with the world! I've been unable to say or write these things the way you do, and am so thrilled this book on Revelation is here...in black and white...in print! God bless you. I'm truly blessed by your teaching which is so very necessary for the times in which we live.

-          Carol Moon  
Christian Author- City On A Hill


BONUS #2- Urgent you ACT NOW...

Dozens of in-depth articles embedded all throughout the Set (embedded within the books themselves!). This is the second “installment” of our Mystery Offer to YOU... These are information-packed histories and loaded articles that will get your attention on a huge variety of issues. Here is one example (Only a portion of the article is shown below).
  Moslem Conquerors Stopped at Tours, 732 A.D.

Charles Martel Wins Decisive Battle of History
Saving Europe from Islamic Conquest
Prestige of Battle Foundational
to Rise of Carolingians

Christendom was delivered by the genius and fortune of one man. Charles,  the illegitimate son of the elder Pepin, was content with the titles of mayor or duke of the Franks; but he deserved to become the father of a line of kings.

In a laborious administration of twenty-four years, he restored and supported the dignity of the throne, and the rebels of Germany and Gaul were successively crushed by the activity of a warrior, who, in the same campaign, could display  his banner on the Elbe, the Rhone and the shores of the ocean.

 In the public danger he was summoned by the voice of his country; and his rival, the duke of Aquitaine, was reduced to appear among the fugitives and suppliants, "Alas!" exclaimed the Franks, "what a misfortune! what an indignity!  We have long heard of the name and conquests of the Arabs. We were apprehensive of their attack from the East; they have now conquered Spain, and invade our country on the side of the West. Yet their numbers, and (since they have no buckler) their arms, are inferior to our own." "If you follow my advice," replied the prudent mayor of the palace, "you will not interrupt their march, nor precipitate your attack. They are like a torrent, which it is dangerous to stem in its career. The thirst of riches,and the consciousness of success, redouble their valor, and valor is of more  avail than arms or numbers.  Be patient till they have loaded themselves with the  encumbrance of wealth. The possession of wealth will divide their councils and assure your victory" …  [Article continued  within the Set]


Bonus #3

The Apocalypse Greek Word Studies!    

The downloadable series of word studies from the Book of Revelation as they bring to life the Greco-Roman world of John the Apostle!

 Study the words used by John the Apostle as he described events to come in the history before him.

Learn the exciting world of the first century in which John lived and drew his language to challenge the world for the Gospel!

Too much more to tell here... Experience the richness of the Greek in which the Book of Revelation was written… (You might even want to learn some New Testament Greek for yourself, who knows.) Whatever you do… just enjoy the words and language of the Apostle John.

Bonus #4

 Here are the Stories behind those     “Mysterious Numbers” of Revelation:

“7 Spirits”, “666”, “144,000” (twice in the Book!), “7 Churches”, “10 Crowns”, “3 Woes”, “7 Mountains”, “the 8th which is not of the Seven...” and many more!  What is their background?

Why did John use each one? How have they been used… and misused throughout history?   How can they HELP the Christian TODAY?

I really enjoy hard-hitting issues and ideas.  I look for the things that challenge my thinking and my walk with Christ. Since I do teach and preach as well, your Set offers me hundreds of biographies, events, and true-to-life stories of the world  and history to draw upon. And, the ease of use … the fact I can begin where I choose to  be in the Set is great. Good job! You’ve accomplished the challenge I need…  and much more.

-         Craig Royske
Author, Church Officer Waukesha Wisconsin               


Bonus #5
Biographies of Key Individuals Fulfilling Revelation

Learn the stories behind the lives of KEY Individuals who would live to bring to pass the fulfillments of the predictions in Revelation (over the last 2000 years!)

With every prediction of Revelation, there are people down the road in history from John’s time, who would be participants in the fulfillment of those predicted events and movements. This informative product takes you into the world of the many people who unwittingly fulfilled what God foretold in Revelation.

    Hear the testimony of Abu Bekr, successor to Mohammed who testified of the Book of Revelation’s predictions of the rise of Islam!

     Hear the testimony of Tertullian the Church father who knew that Rome – two centuries later – would be used by God to PROTECT the Church it has persecuted!

     Hear the testimony of the Infamous Emperor Diocletian whose persecutions were heralded in Revelation more than 200 years before!

     Hear the events surrounding the “two Dying Witnesses” of Revelation and their glorious testimony!

     Hear the effect of the “Dead Church at Sardis” and How God kept His prophetic Word to “visit” that Church in Judgment!

     Hear the POWER of the Gospel unleashed in the massive missionary movements which were heralded to go around the world… and the missionaries who KNEW they were fulfilling Scripture.

     Hear the Waldenses, and John Wycliffe, and others who KNEW the Age of the greatest expansion of the Gospel was not yet upon them… BUT also knew it was COMING … and coming soon after their lives!

    Hear the impact of the work of the good guys and the bad: Martin Luther, Marcion, Emperor Trajan, Adolf Hitler, Joe Stalin, John Knox, Athanasius, Augustine, Emperor Charles V,  Phillip II and his deadly Armada, the deaths of 100,000 Huguenots at St. Bartholomews Massacre, and other fantastic histories

     Witness the unusual counsel given to the King of  England about the Book of Revelation’s predictions about his wars with France! (Were they actually predicted in Revelation or was this just “another” false report about the Book? You will see … It was no novice he was asking!)

I am deeply thankful for the help and hope this Set on Revelation brings to me. It is a great encouragement to see what God has done in the lives of people over the centuries. But it is just as important to see what He is doing NOW in our generation.  Thank you for the Hope and Help!

-          Cheryl Polizzi     West Bend Wisconsin

Bonus # 6

The Biblical History… and “The Witness of the Ancient World!”

The author taught ancient history in several schools throughout the span of over THREE DECADES. He has seen teens and young adults come alive through the witnesses of an unbelieving ancient world often through the pen of ancient writers… or the spade of archaeology… or the powerful effects of events that shook the known world:

     Did you know… there was a Papyrus written by an Egyptian official who recorded the effects of the 10 plagues of Moses upon Egypt… but he didn’t know why they were happening?
    Did you know… that there were two ancient writers who wrote of the madness of King Nebuchadnezzar (recorded in Daniel) and the work of Daniel during his reign?
     Did you know… that the Judean countryside was “lit up” with people talking about the Star over Bethlehem and the Possibility that the Messiah was living among them… and the talk led to a massive War with the Romans where 10,000 Jews were crucified?
    Do Egyptian records and writings show that Moses was a recognized ruler of the Egypt before he forsook Egypt? 
     What does the Sphinx and the Great Pyramid have to do with the Biblical record? (You will be shocked by the discoveries of modern scholarship on these!)
     The Greatest archaeological scholar in history  - Dr. W.F. Albright – called ONE chapter in Genesis the most remarkable record in the ancient world… with no other ancient document that even “comes close” in its amazing accuracy!
     Of course, there are many more of these Witnesses from the ancient world… many more who testified of the biblical record and its accuracy and the power of God’s Presence in the world of their days. People like Alexander the Great, Manetho, Augustus and Julius Caesar, the “witness” of the ruins of the Egyptian army on the Red Sea bottom!

Bonus # 7

The dangerous and Cruel World of the Romans... and the Life of the Early Church Within THAT World.

    Here you will learn about the heroic Tertullian as he writes to challenge the society of his day with the Gospel!

    Here is the world of Polycarp… the 86 year old minister martyred for his faith… His heroic testimony so SHAMED the Roman crowd that they left the arena in complete SILENCE!

    Here is the world of Blandina, the frail young Christian woman who endured the bulls and torments of the arena so that one Christian friend would not falter in faith!

    Here are the lives and habits of the Romans … Compare it to our society today. You will be shocked by its dangers, sexual  revolution, sorceries, political upheavals… through All of which the Church of Christ prevailed in its testimony! Even when the world was failing around them, Christians still lived victoriously in their faith!

     There is MUCH, MUCH MORE in store for you here in this exciting witness from the annals of many histories. Sit back and be thrilled by the saga of faith and hope… with the conquering power of Christ’s Love overcoming the world of lust and pride!

     Here you experience the POWER of the Roman Empire... cruel... lavish... scandalous...and the enemy of God’s people. But, here you will find how God protected His people and made them to grow despite the “gates of Hell” arrayed against them.

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