February 21st, 2018
The Millstone Testimonies

Whosoever offends one of these little ones,
 it were better for him that a millstone be hung around his neck
and he be drowned in the depths of the sea.”

Just in the last decade, Marine archaeologists have located over 100 places on the ocean floor where ruins of cities-temples, highways, idols, building and other marks of buried civilizations. All those who oppose the rise of God's Kingdom in this world, pay dearly.
God showed His Presence and power in Egypt. Newly discovered remains of the Egyptian army (bones of men, horses, chariots and weapons) fossilized in the Red Sea The Romans came to believe that harming the Christians meant the ruin of the person or ruler who would do such an infamy.

In the days of Christ, men who mutinied aboard a Roman warship, were tied to a large rock and pushed into the ocean. Christ assures His enemies who touch His people that He will judge them as He foretold. He will tie them, as it were, to a Millstone for the ruin of all that's dear to them.
Henry II ordered a final extermination against the Huguenots. But, before he could carry out the threat he was accidentally killed in a jousting tournament during the celebration of the wedding of his daughter. Throughout history, as the Christian faith has expanded its Great Commission God has powerfully protected His people. The War for Independence was a war in which God repeatedly fought against the British despotism. In hundreds of instances, God's Providential Hand sealed the fate of the powerful enemies of the righteousness, among a people who testified they were not worthy of His protections and help

The Signers of the Declaration of Independence
Along With Many Throughout the Colonies
Trusted in the Lord’s Protection
During the War for American Independence
They Saw Him as “The Real General” Orchestrating
Weather, Events and People in Defense of Liberty and Truth

Learn the Remarkable Story of the Lord’s Hand ALL Throughout the War of Independence

Could it be...?

Could it be that what historians on both sides of the Atlantic have always seen as a War burdened with British “bad luck”, “blunders”, “accidents”, “misfortunes”, “lassitude”, “inept leadership”, “missed opportunities”, “amazingly poor weather”, and even favorable events turned against them… was really well-orchestrated “campaigns”?
Could it be that none of this was random? That is, ALL of it was a well-conducted series of judgments leading to British confusion and an utter breakdown of resolve, understanding and loss of morale?

Could it be that at the height of Britain’s need for effective and wise leadership, Britain would be led by a King who lost his mind, broke under pressure, wore diapers like an infant, and wandered the palace wailing and laughing outlandishly?
Could it be... The great historian, Alexis D’Tocqueville wondered "How could it be" that the 13 original colonies were able to defeat the mightiest empire in the world. The truth is… they didn’t. It was done for them on so many battlefronts.  D’Tocqueville also noted that, apart from General Washington, America really had not produced "great generals" as other nations had. In other words, America's glory was not her military.
Could it be D’Tocqueville wondered if the real greatness of the young Republic was found, not on the battlefields, but in the churches and pulpits of the young nation.

Now… for a limited time…and for the FIRST TIME ever...
A&D Net Enterprises makes the research from the Institute for Christian Heritage Research (ICHR) available. After years of researching original archives and the opinions of great historians, we now offer this series of sets, “The Millstone Testimonies”, beginning with the series entitled  “The Real General in America’s War for Independence”
Here are the individual Histories just in this Set alone:
  1. The Lord and His Artillery: The Weather Goes to War
  2. Strategically BAD Character: Sin, Schism and Confusion among   British Leaders and Officers
  3. “Cast them out in the multitude of their sins"
  4. Win to Lose, Lose to Win: The “Upside Down War” of American Independence

This set is an extensively researched, powerfully compelling CD set. 

Could it be that American leadership heroically fought, no doubt, but really was not responsible for winning that War so much as God’s “Generalship” did? 
Could it be that, as His Word promises, the very elements of nature, seen by historians as mere “coincidence”, repeatedly and systematically discouraged and defeated the enemies of the young nation, just as is found throughout the Biblical histories?
Could it be that British despotism – and its military might - while attempting to crush a vibrant Christian culture, was repeatedly visited by “an unseen Hand” which weighed the issues “in the balance” … and judged righteous judgment against them?
Could it be...the remarkable fog that set in to protect Washington’s troops as they sailed in small boats away from Britain’s warships at Long Island, was but one of hundreds of TIMELY interventions which damaged the British and help America? Few know the continuous saga of God’s “Generalship” repeatedly hindering, discouraging, and defeating the plans and intents of the world’s most powerful army and navy.
Could it be thatGod did not just occasionally intervene in our history. He went to war as the Bible tells us He will, when righteousness was imperiled and those who are called by His Name, cried out for His just and powerful help in time of desperate need.

You’ve never heard anything quite like this… nor as extensive. This is just the first of several sets designed to show you a history as you’ve never known it. But it also is an encouragement for THIS GENERATION OF CHRISTIANS who will need to “face off” against just as determined, evil adversaries… and triumph in righteousness as our forefathers once did!

A&D is offering this low initial price to get this set out among Christian people! We believe Christians and their pastors will need this series… as the forces and authorities of unrighteousness are becoming bolder and bolder against the message of the Christian faith today.

But, we’re assured in Scripture, “When the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord raises up a Standard against them.”See what God has done to keep His Word…defend His people… and overcome opposition to the Truth.  

But, before you do … Here's what else comes with JUST this Introductory Offer.

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