February 21st, 2018


The Marriage Plague

Intermarriage of Believer with Non-Believer "Why There"?
Circumcision in the Bible

Death Penalty for Adultery …
Was It Applied in the Old Testament

Biblical Grounds for Divorce?
The Picture:
How to Use Biblical Precept to Create Testimony
The Church, History and Divorce Old Testament Marital Relationships:
Why was Polygamy Allowed?
Why Has Divorce Been So Difficult?
“No Divorce” Proverbs 31:
The Calling of Marriage
Textual Problems Resolved
Secularization of Marriage and Divorce
Dealing with Adultery:
Fallout & Hope
The Nude Prostitute:
Radicalizing Marriage
Sex & the Churches:
What the Early Church Missed About
“Out of Control” Inside Marriage
– When One Spouse “Abstains”
“Professionals Prepare.
Amateurs Merely Arrive.”
Prostitution and Pornography:
What Can be Done? Available 2008
Two is Better Than One Rome and Greece vs.
The Early Church
  David and Bathsheba:
From Sin to Triumph

This book is not intended nor is it to be interpreted as offering legal advice concerning marriage, family, divorce, remarriage or any other legality which any person may address. This book handles a BIBLICAL approach to those and related subjects. The author is in no way attempting to advise or offer counsel concerning any legality in today’s legal milieu. Everyone has a different situation and marriage and divorce laws vary from state to state, so competent legal counsel should be sought in dealing with the legalities of our society which may affect you.

The examples set forth represent the personal experience of the author and are presented for no other purpose

For your spiritual counsel, you may wish to see your pastor and the ruling elders of a church where the Word of God is honored for what it is: the inerrant and inspired Word of the Triune God. Other counsel may be appropriate for individuals depending upon circumstances. Each person must do his or her due diligence

The sole purpose of this book is to offer Biblical commentary upon a variety of topics. Those topics include marriage, family, divorce, remarriage. Of course, biblical commentary will speak in terms of current conditions, but only on the assumption that the goal is to stimulate discussion and public reform and is not to be used to represent advice for anyone facing legal difficulties. Again, seek competent legal counsel for all of your legal needs.