February 21st, 2018

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The Real Commentary on Revelation

2000 Years Politically Incorrect: Revelation of John the Apostle

image of buy now buttonThis commentary on Revelation focuses on 2000 years of historical markers and context such as the Roman Paradox (floods), the Super-Dynasties (crowns) and the Reformations (thunders).

  • The massive flood engulfing the Roman Empire was anticipated by Revelation... Jerome, Augustine, and Tertullian (and others) all wrote about the approaching swarms of barbarian invaders…. they understood this from the book of Revelation.
  • Here you will see the Hand of God working in the lives of REAL PEOPLE who believed Revelation’s predictions and acted upon them... saving their lives!
  • The use of “numbers’ throughout Revelation has been one of the greatest mysteries for Christians to figure. Numbers are used to paint powerful pictures of the Lord’s work in history.
  • Who or what is the 10-Crowned Beast of the Abyss? Have there been 10 Superdynastic powers that waged war against the Christian faith and are still waging war worldwide against Christianity?
  • Revelation told us that the first expansion of Islam would last 150 years ... and then it would suddenly stop... and that is precisely what happened. The text of Revelation gives us clear historical markers for factual interpretation.
  • One Byzantine Emperor fled at the approach of Islam. He believed what Revelation taught of Islam’s predicted successes! Can you name him?
  • Where does “666” FIRST show up historically... and what does it have to do with US today? IT HAS shown up before… Will it AGAIN? - We think so!
  • Revelation tells us there are 3 frogs that will cover the whole earth, reminding us of the plague of frogs that covered Egypt in the Book of Exodus. Can you name all three?
  • Here you will witness those who were DEEPLY affected by the events descending upon them and how God delivered them from the great trials they faced!

A customer says: "A word fitly spoken is like ornaments of gold in picture frames of silver. So, I feel like a rich man! I am deeply impressed by the scope and detailed knowledge presented in these histories and prophecies!..." D. Paul, Business Owner, Wisconsin

Another customer reports: "This is the most comprehensive, reality-based, well-reasoned, logical, fact-driven, common sense, down-to-earth info on Revelations I have ever come across! Look, I used to think it was real locusts etc. – all literal, and that’s a scary place to live." A. Vallo, Editor, California

This revelations commentary addresses difficult questions: How did the early Church know what would happen to the Roman Empire 300 years ahead of time? How did they prepare? Imagine a commentary that shows Islam rising for the third time in history against the West!  Imagine a commentary that shows how to correctly interpret the meaning of historical imagery, such as the Medo-Persian bear, explaining how it's original audience would have interpreted these complex ideas condensed into image-pictures. Select that BIG green button for purchasing information!

image of book coverDon't fall for the sensationalist interpretations. SolomonsToolbox presents an analytical and historically factual commentary on Revelations leading to repentance, righteousness and wisdom for daily life. Many Christians don’t live the Gospel life but seem to focus on sensationalism, making last days teachings a kind of gospel in itself. We seek to counter such misguided interpretation with a very real look at how the original audience received the words of the Apostle John.

The Apostle John writes that this revelation of Christ Jesus to the people of God is to be a blessing. The Apostle John was a masterful writer and an expert at using contrasts and repetition and complex historical image-pictures. How does John use figures of speech and similes? How does he use metaphors, historical events, symbols, temple construction and the Mosaic Law? God desires that His people understand and apply this material in order to overcome.  “...blessed is he who reads, hears and keeps [applies] these things….to him who overcomes, I will give…”