February 21st, 2018

The Three Woes The Three Appearances of Islam

The Three Woes The Three Appearances of Islam
Islam was predicted to make three great appearances against the Church of Christ and the world…predicted by God in the Book of Revelation. Find out here how that is explained in the Book written by John the Apostle.

The “Inevitability Doctrine” and Christianity’s self-inflicted helplessness: Laying the Groundwork for Mohammed

Christians can be their own worst enemy at times. We are the only ones who truly can claim an “inevitability doctrine”; meaning, there are things about the future recorded in the Bible, that are inevitable… they WILL come to pass, with or without man’s agreement (mostly WITHOUT). The problem is, we allow ourselves to be bullied by humanists, Marxists, atheists, and pagan religions to proclaim THEIR own “inevitability”, and then go on to allow ourselves to be intimidated by their boldness and power.

Mere belief in “inevitability” can cripple the resolve of those who are “in its way” and embolden those who believe they are its beneficiaries. Islam and Marxism are “inevitability” worldviews. That accounts for their boldness. They not only believe (by preference) they should win, they believe (by faith) they WILL win! Most Christians are not so bold, though they should be. The Word of God is clearly the only true “inevitability” worldview system