February 21st, 2018

The Seven Churches of Revelation… …The Middle and Dark Ages of the Church

The Seven Churches of Revelation...the Middle and Dark Ages of the Church
Here is the book that shows the Middle Ages…as predicted and handled in the Book of Revelation. Thus already fulfilled, we are looking at history and we see the Glory of God as He foretold the Great Apostasy and the suppression of True Christianity with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

This era of the Christian Church on earth is one of the most fertile for historic markers, in our history. It represents the Church much more mature … both in righteousness and in sin. Advanced thinking in doctrine and ethics distinguishes this potent era.

Advanced thinking in subversive doctrine and ethics distinguishes this era as well. The Church of Christ nurtures powerful heresies that will swallow up righteousness, more than not, for the hundreds of years of the Middle Ages.

See how God protected His people and the Truth for centuries! Learn of the Waldenses, Albigenses, and many others who bore testimony to the Truth in Christ despite the apostasy of the era.

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