February 21st, 2018

Babylon and the Whore Judged

Babylon and the Whore Judged

Sitting on “Many Waters”

There is a Whore who pretends to be the Bride of Christ. Oh, it might be noted that nothing HERE is said about such a claim… or is there? Revelation forces us to weigh subtle details in following its biblical picture writing throughout history and Scripture. There are several indicators which identify this Whore with specificity:

“She” fits well with the concept of a “Church”, if that is the intent.

“She” sits on the back of a “Beast” – the implication being “control” and authority.

The Beast “She” rides is manifested by 10 superdynastic Crowns. “She” rides them all, though she is hated by them throughout history.

In so doing, She acts as an Empire Herself.

She exercises authority over MANY peoples, nations and tongues.

As the true Church is symbolized as a Bride of Christ, this Whore represents the perfect counterfeit to that claim. In other words, She claims to be the Bride of Christ to the nations, but is a Whore among them.

She fornicates with the powers that be and they with Her, in their bonded allegiance to Her authority, and as HER PROVIDER, PROTECTOR, and DEFENDER (the role of a husband). They idolatrously follow Her lead believing salvation is ONLY (monopolistically) through Her claim as the historically-endowed, divinely-favored Church. She receives payment from them in the form of help, power, influence, legal favor, protections, wealth, etc.

She is hated by the powers of the 10 Crowns, including (and especially!) by those with whom she “fornicates”.

SHE IS JUDGED by the Vials’ Judgments, as the angel explains. In other words, the Vials poured out upon Western Civilization in Chapter 16 of Revelation, were also designed with Her condemnation in mind.

She sits on the Seven Hills, the very same that made the Roman Republic and its later Empire famous.

Who is She?