February 21st, 2018

Feudalism…Kindergarten of Modern Socialism …brought to you by THE Antichrist

Feudalism...Kindergarten of Modern socialism...brought to you byt THE Antichrist
What does 666 mean? Learn it here. What are the beasts of Revelation 13? Learn them here. The book  of Revelation promises  a blessing to every Christian who believes and  understands its contents for the age in which he or she is living.  For us living in the 21st century, the blessing is monumental.  The passages here concerning the Middle Ages contain a great blessing for  our use TODAY. It’s actually simple to understand but, given so much in the pulpits that might discourage Christians today, it is a vital lesson and a promise that goes with it.   With this understanding you can understand the Modern era and the History that was its foundation…all brought to you by THE ANTICHRIST.

The lesson?

…Beasts. Well,  there are two such beasts and, if identified correctly, they have had their day of victory over the saints of God. In other words, if this chapter  is properly placed historically, then WE of the 21st century have a great blessing ahead – a promise  of extraordinary help in the culture battle of the 21st century.

But, to start with… Beasts