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Thy “Blank” is the Truth
You Fill In The Blank: What is Truth? Can You Be Certain Of The Truth?
by Robert Gamble
March 6, 2011

In our day an age of uncertainty, many wander through life wondering if truth even exists.  The top courts of our land claim “There are no absolutes.”  My question to that high court is “How can you be absolutely sure there are no absolutes?”

We all remember Pilate’s mocking retort to Christ: “What is Truth?”

The question really is “Why was Pilate mocking?  What is it about truth that makes a natural man scorn?”

Scorning is sitting back and doubting whether a way of doing something is really going to work, and offering no support in making it work.  Scorning actually builds more resistance to a certain way of doing things and builds up a band wagon of stumbling-blocks to stop and hinder.

Scorning settles easily in the soul when good men are put up as models and then torn down when any defect is discovered.  Scorn is looking for the hole, because it wants to tear down, and it looks for the hole in the armor desperately.

Scorn in short is balking at God’s way of doing things and saying it is a joke and won’t work and can’t work.  To follow God is folly.  To follow reason and common sense (whatever that is) is truth and safety.

What Does The Scripture Say About Truth?

Psa 119:142  Thy righteousness is an everlasting righteousness, and thy law is the truth.

Truth is defined as a supernaturally revealed foundation.  Truths are foundational to building: building reason, building science, building mathematical theorems, building a family, building a church, building a civilization.

The bed rock to all sciences is truth.  As Van Til pointed out, ”Man without God, cannot account for counting.”  A non-christian uses truths every day that we as Christians attribute to God ordaining for our use and His kingdoms glory.  In other words they steal from a Christian world view to support their own.

The trouble is that the pervasive truths, the ones that alter men’s opinions are used universally by all men: both for good and for bad, for Christ or for the devil.

The truth to build all of life is routed souly in the scriptures.  The truth is, that the word of God is infallible, without error, without defect.  As Paul states “Profitable for instruction, reproof, ….in righteousness  thoroughly furnishing a man unto good works.”

The truth of the matter is that the Law of God shows what sin is; shows the right way to live.  The proverbs and the prophets and all the rest of the scriptures are applications and misapplications of God’s Laws in every sphere of life. 


God’s righteousness is placed before us as a model.  As the Psalmist points out “Thy righteousness is an everlasting righteousness.”  Question is “What is righteousness?”  Is it just a pile of platitudes followed step by step?  Is it a morality, a semblance of Christian Character?  Or is it a system, a system of operations, or a flow of life that encompasses everything in the Universe?

It is the latter: a well ordered, well maintained garden was the first picture given us in scriptures.  It is all things obeying God, including man and animals.  Christ uses the word “Cosmos” (or in the KJV translation = “World”), but in Christ’s word picture He chose the word that denotes an adornment, a glorification.  Our word cosmetic comes from this word.

For God So Loved The World...

For God so Loved the World (a well ordered, well maintained, Christ loving civilization) that He sent His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16

Righteousness is the model civilization that God loves, that is why it is described in the Psalms as an “everlasting righteousness.”  Christ describes it another way “Thy kingdom come on earth, as it is already done in Heaven.”  Righteousness is a Heavenly Kingdom; it is our job as the Christians to implement this Heavenly kingdom (or civilization) on earth.

Righteousness as I said before is the goal, or the model, the end game if you will.  The question is how does “Thy law is the Truth” fit into the Kingdom of Righteousness?  Put simply, the Law of God is the foundation stone to the kingdom, or as Revelation puts it the walls of the city are made up 12 different stones, which represent the 12 tribes of Israel.  Israel was the prototype civilization that had imbedded within it, obviously, the Law of God.

The Law of God is the Truth that all of the Kingdom is built upon.  The Law of God is the bedrock: Christ is the cornerstone, or as Paul puts it: Christ is the goal of the Law.  Christ says it similarly: I came not to destroy the law, but to fullfill.  That word fullfill has the meaning of maturity, much like a rose opening up and revealing a whole different side to the rose bush.  The rose bush looks very prickly and shrub-like, but when the rose opens up, the bush turns into a glorious flowering garden.

Truth and Its Counterfeits...

The Truth, however, has many counterfeits and that is the rub.  In our day an age it starts in the house of God.  The saying of: “We live in an age of Grace, we do not live under the Law…” is used as an excuse to not study, and not be held accountable to the Laws of God.  More specifically, the Lawless entities of society are allowed to run rampant and further excused away as being “providentially put over us.  (Romans 13 aberrant interpretation)”

Amazing critique from a generation that does not want God’s sovereignty, but out of the other side of their mouths says that God has sovereignly put a tyrant over us and we must obey him!  Me thinks the church is playing with Truth, for preference of non-confrontation to sin, on all levels, both personal, civil and ecclesiastical.

The Truth is That:

 Law is sacred, and we play with law as if it were arbitrary
 We legislate theft into laws: On so many levels we legislate Charity through taxation.  The Law of God will show you how to institute Charity, and it does NOT include the State.
The judicial system is rot:
to begin with, there is one man on top in the court.  In God’s economy there were elders, not one elder.  The elders sat in the Gates.  Even Lot was an elder of Sodom and Gomorrah and sought to change that wretched civilization.
 The judicial system again, is a sham:  Justice is repeatedly thwarted by bribes.  Actually is goes much deeper (funny how truth does that) the system of operations for civil code is not the Constitution of the United States or even of the individual states: it is a system of slavery that is contracted into by all unwittenly.  In otherwords a contract that is not disclosed to you, and when it is, you are stuck.  This is classic beast description “Those that do not have the sign of the beast…cannot buy or sell.”
 The judicial system…again… does not institute “victims’ rights.”  Restitution and capital punishment are options, or play things.  The Church cannot and will not institute the concept of Just Balances in the courts, because the Churches themselves have no court, or are extremely unjust to begin with.
 The judicial system…sigh…again…does not respect or honor private property, more specifically inheritance.  What you have saved can be legally torn from your hands when the Judiciary sees fit.
 Sounds draconian doesn’t it?
The list goes on and on…..

Judicial Process And You...
Judicial process is vital for freedom, for free market, for truth.  The problems we have in society stem from inaction in Truth.  We prefer a milder truth.

Where Does The Church Play?
The Church plays with truth and prefers a Sovereign God of our Non-action.  We prefer a God that will “Beam me up Scotty” to heaven: Christ can come take care of the nasty sin on this earth.  We are to be in this world, but not of it.  Evidently that means just “in it” like a canker on the face of the earth, not having an adorning effect, but a blighting effect.

The Church is a blight on the landscape and no wonder those around the world shake their heads and say “Aha..their God is dead.”  No wonder God is displeased with us.  No wonder the “plagues befall us on all sides.”

The truth is that if Christ and His kingdom are not being heralded, if Christ and His law is not being taught, the Church is all but dead.  This nation needs to wake up.  We need to understand what truth is:

The Truth Will Set You Free

The truth creates:

— Liberty
—Free Market
— Private Property
— Rights
— Families
— Just Weights and Balances
— Wickedness Fades
—Constitution Freedom
—Just Government
— The Poor, the widow and the fatherless: taken care of (and not by the state)
— Charity and Benevolence ministries

Psa 119:142  Thy righteousness is an everlasting righteousness, and thy law is the truth.

So why is Pilate so scornful to truth: “What is truth?!”  Because he saw truth as being bought and sold, not solid and God breathed, as Christ said “My Kingdom is not of (authority is not from this world) this world.” He saw truth as a play thing of the elite, those with power and it embittered him.

So... thy _______ is the truth, is thy Law is the truth for God’s laws are designed to be the Schoolmaster that leads us to Christ.