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The Occult Phenomena
by David Paul
June 4, 2010

The Occult Phenomena is the application of consistent rebellion against the True God, the Trinity of the Bible. Its sources, as mentioned, were from abroad and, also mentioned, moved American society towards the chasm.

The dates given in the Sedlak article are notable, for they help crystallize the time and duration of this visible arrival of the Occult. This is particularly important for it has been a Biblical generation since the beginning of this attack on God’s person, people, and plans.

The rise of the Occult caused much confusion in the Evangelical/Reformed communions. When there is little activity in terms of righteousness and evil, it is not too important whether or not one recognizes the occult, spiritualism, or demon activity. When the activity arises, one better be ready with countermeasures.


The days between the enslavement of the Jews in Moses day to the beginning of the Exodus displayed little Occult activity. Only tyranny.

At the time of the Egyptian Holocaust, the only effective weapon of God’s people against the Tyranny was family preservation. When, forty years later, Moses tried to enliven the Jewish people to action, he was forced to run for his life. Occult activity was not necessary for Satan, so it was not put into action.

Conversely, when Moses was sent by God to judge the gods of Egypt and free His people, Janese and Jambrese offered occult opposition to God, His people, and His plan. God then gave Moses a group of counter measures. The same phenomena types can be observed in the Reformation of Jesus in the New Testament part of the Bible.

When God moves, the Evil One is also active, and practical answers are required.

What is most significant is that there were little no answers from the Christian church… effective ones, that is.

The shift was visible in area of Biblical Demonology to Dallas Seminary professor who changed his mind and admitted the power of the occult in modern times (Meryl Ungar (sp?) but offered little action. It was also visible in the Reformed camp when the only answer was more disciplined resistance to the Evil (Jay Adams).

I remember a rise in deliverance ministries, and while working in a culture more consistently pagan than the Anglo-American, saw the results more closely than most.

I noticed that because there was little connection with the source of the problem, counter measures, though often found in the Bible, did not go far enough or went too far. Either there was no connection with Evil Spirits, or there was a sense that evil spirits were behind every problem and exorcism was the ubiquitous solution.

Reading the Bible gives some very specific problems and counter measures.

1. Identify the source of attacks on the Truth. The New Testament identifies these attacks as coming from
a. people groups (Pharisees, for example),
b. rulers (Herod),
c. circumstances (Hungry disciples),
d. nature (storms),
e. sin (Peter’s denial), and
f. Satan (Peter’s assertion that Jesus did not have to die).

2. Identify means of correction:
a. people groups (Pharisees, for example)
i. Corrective teaching, ( Matthew 5-7)the Sermon on the Mount
ii. Corrective Cursing (Matthew 23)
iii. Corrective Eschatology (Matthew 24-25)
b. rulers (Herod),
i. Corrective Teaching (John the Baptist)
ii. Corrective Activity (Application of God’s law)
1. Jesus & His trials

2. Paul & Romans 13
c. circumstances (Hungry disciples),
i. Charitable Ministries
1. Food for the Hungry
2. Care for the sick
ii. Responsible Discipleship
1. Through Christian callings
2. Through Family development
d. nature (storms),
i. Teaching righteousness (Deut 28)
ii. Teaching Biblical economics
iii. Teaching Biblical prayer
e. sin (Peter’s denial), and
i. Church courts
ii. Restoration in Counseling
f. Satan (Peter’s assertion that Jesus did not have to die).
i. Correct Teaching
ii. Confrontations with evil persons and spirits
iii. Conflict through prayer and fasting

Lastly, Evangelical churches did not attack the occultism of Rome in the Sacraments, in her Exorcisms, and in her economics, and her politics. Elders in the church did not face the problem It seemed as if Rome was the least of our worries, with the rise of the Russian Empire, the disintegration of the family, and the rise of humanistic education. So the source of the contagion was ignored by Protestants, and when it was not ignored, it was marginalized

Action Plans anybody?